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is this abuse? if it wasn't before you tell me i'm invalid a monster a cruel being to this beautiful world you brought me in , you can take me out threats, how obscure
At 1 year old, I said my first word. “Mama”, I said in bold, thinking I was already old.   At 3 years old, my parents told me goodnight stories; stories of dreams,
Foolish… How foolish is love A feeling so warm it burns As freeing as a caged dove Yet the heart never learns Dance all you want
We were madness You were a blank white page I was a dark black ink I messed up your innocence And splattered your pages with inks of evil Now all you are is a mess A mess just like me
I was a Pandora box You opened me And all my feelings rushed out I was a Pandora box You opened me And all you see are the demons I've been caging inside
You're the only pain that I refuse to give up and I don't think you understand just what you do to me but maybe one day when we're all grown up you'll look back and really see.
I must say that love is a disease it can bring us to our highest so fast but destroy us all with ease And after that, not even a second do we last
Over the course of time I’ve caught a couple knives in the back From a couple friends I thought it was kinda weird how they thought It would feel good  
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