Be aware of yourself.


How do I keep moving forward?

Do I strum the guitar, and keep hitting the wrong chord?

Do I let everyone push me into praying to their "Dear Lord"?

Do I use my words and make them hurt as much as a sword?

What do I do when I have to stop?

Do I let everything I've ever worked for, drop?

Do I take everything in until i cant, and I pop?

Do I shrug it off, and keep climbing passed the top?

How long will it take before I feel his cold, lifeless hands creep around my neck?

Will it be the full kiss of death, or just a peck?

Will I be holding on for dear life, or will I choose to end the strife?

Is he calling to me, or I to him?

Is this right, or is this sin?

Was I pulled into this, or was I pushed?

My whole life, this has been shushed.

He's in my mind, I'm in his.

Is there a ever a "he", or is this just me?

Crazy girl, Silly girl, look around.

You're alone, what's going on underneath your dome?

Are you stuck in a dream, or is this YOUR reality?

Don't fall, Don't cry.

Stall, Try.

Never say bye.


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