Austin High School: Legend of the Bell Tower


Year after year,the legend is passed down loud and clear.Through the halls,and through the stalls. The legend of the towerwhere the ghost girl doth cower.With a broken heart,from the love that did part. It began like most tales,where love conquers all and nothing fails.The glorified football king and his majestic cheer queen;“Together forever” said he, with a charming beam. He met his fair lady in the tower building;left alone to do their cuddling, After every game,they were there with no shame. On a night when the heavens were glistening, she sat there waiting...listening. The poor fool...she did not know... FInally looking out from her hideaway,she saw...with another girl...he did lay. From caresses to kisses and from kisses to more... The more she looked,the more she shook.She dared not glare, once they became bare... With anger, with desperation,prayed her nightmare to be just illusion.Tear after tear did fall,as she curled into a ball. Days passed, weeks even...He left her for that heathen.Cheer queen to social outcast;hoping for nothing but her lover past... She could bare the torment no longer!She could not stand her cheating taunter...   Grasping the edge with one hand, she looked down to where she would land...Into the ground, surely buried by sand.So, onto the tower’s ledge she did stand. Grieved beyond repair...her body clamored in the air...Into the gravel pathway, where her body now lay. Next morning, the football kingwalked to school with his new queen.They saw the flashes and heard the siren,on the crowded street of Byron. He was pulled into the crowd to show him what they had found. A pool of crimson blood seeping into the mud.Lifting the white sheet he saw...and filled his face with awe... Stammering and stuttering...Falling to his knees...He stared at his once fair queenreflecting from her face, the love affair she had seen. Bawling, he grabbed her handhoping for her to come back... He felt a paper clenched in her fist...Opening it, he read the words of the man she missed...Of the love she thought was eternal,but was instead fatal.Of the wretched feeling in her heart,  feelings that tore her apart. He sat with her corpse kept his head hung low...didn't care if his feelings would showHe sat with her until the coroner came,and was then left thinking...knowing... he was to blame...


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