Attack of the Beast

I feel the walls close in on me As I feel the hinges of panic crawl onto my skin And the inklings of my mind. The beast has been let out of their cage again Because I forgot to obey their orders swimmingly. Now they've turned violent against me I have no choice but to oblige.  Caged like the monkey I am, for nearly two hours As I wait for the rampage to settle down. I do not want to anger my master again As I have thrown them into blind rage before. I sit with the screen of protection being my only sense of sanity Praying to God this suffering will soon end. But no, it will not, the voice screeches at me As I feel blackness coming into my vision. I desperately cling for air My tonsils yelling for water. But alas, I give into my weak state And faint right there on my broken cot.   I emerge from the sheets two hours later Barely mustering the courage to even walk. As I see the beast of burden before me Smiling down at their screen of escape. They speak to me momentarily But I am not completely in focus. As I remember the days before of this kind of blind emotion Pollute my mind suddenly with grandeur and fear. I sit down and eat my meal paranoidly As if the whole world were watching me. I haven't drank all day, throat parched with terror Since I had procrastinated yet another duty. I get up and sign the card for their king, as he will be growing older the day after today. Then I squeeze my fists in fear, Wondering what they'll say next. They say nothing, oddly enough And slowly tread up the stairs. While I'm left here in confusion and nervosa  Knowing if I stay here any longer, there will be more hell to come. 

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