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Many believe they are carrying, the weight of the world on their shoulders. But they do not know the pain, of holding up a dead thing on their own.   Their crimes are often varying,
Atlas you fool,  let go of the sky   The night carries on , and shines thousands of lights  Or so they said, millions of years ago Won't you, young God, just let go though?   Be a new being
In a quiet room, stars descending down Hung on strings, fashioned from old planet’s rings An alarm beeps, much before all the town A sleeps boy awakes, groggily sings
Today I lie in the ashes of my own passion, the ruins of reckless self-obsession.  I sought to outthink my mind, herself,  the prevailing ruler of all that concerns me.   
In this world,  Atlas is a pregnant teen girl  On a road trip.  She carries the roads with her  Like she does  With worlds 
He defied a god, they say.  That's his own mistake. But he only ever did it for his children's sake. All he did was ask for a raise to make sure the money left over was a little higher.
Atlas shakes Beneath the weight Of expectations Far too great He can not falter He can not fail His friends depend on him He must be there
Atlas fades on stormy days A tortured burden he must bear But now the birds of song are gone Descending the depths of despair  
In the unknown and uncharted spheres of the universe, Lived a man who cradled our Earth, Tucked behind his sturdy neck and bulky arms, he immersed, Truly, in his own worth.
I would carry the weight of the world for you if I could like Atlas.   My spine is weak and slumped under my own weight but I promise I won't let you down.  
take these mountains from my shoulders  roll them down into boulders     rub smooth these stones  they crush my fragile bones      take away the swirling sand  
Somebody once handed me a flyer. It read  “YOU EXIST”   The aftertaste of such an idea lasted long beyond the introduction   Existence. A vibrating silhouette of an idea
"I would see you fail Before I'd let us both succeed," Thought one line of track To the other, As the train was derailed.
And my Love’s heavy body lays lifeless, at my feet. I shiver at her ghastly beauty, lost .
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