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When my name died I did not mourn itI did not bury my name in the back yard with Fluffy and Fido Covering my name with flowersInstead I just just stood thereWatching it parish as the truth of my words cut through it
Sometimes I find the time to go too fast, And the sounds of the world to be too loud, But when I think back to times past, There must have been a moment where there was no sound.    Less than a second, 
On this day, the sun had shone brighter than on anyother day. For this day, the king and queen were blessed with the birth of their first borne child. A daughter whom they named Aura.
I stood bare foot up first words whisper, to adapt I must adopt. An image no more a minority to the wide spread hatred we call war.
I’m from sunlight shining, Birds singing in early afternoon. The fortress beneath sheltering pine trees, Narrow paths I’ve walked a thousand times.  
The journey began Merely a spray from a sink Not of joy did I think When poetry came to mind   A nuisance it was To rhyme words and words Just like the screeching of birds
Poetry is an expression and release An outlet to the overflowing plugs of life- a place that listens when the world denies your existence. I write to be heard. To be understood and for my opinions to be considered
I am from my past. I am from memories. I am from days faded, and                 from nights never ending. I am from food coloring, from basement swings; feet not grazing the ground.
She is the first place I felt love. She is like an ocean soft and peaceful yet strong enough to destroy. She is powerful. She is wise. She is brilliant. She is my muse.
"Why aren't you making straight A's?"
I am from the swimming pool, From water soaked concrete and slippery blue tiles I am from a hole in the ground Lined with cement and filled to the brim with cool water I am from the stands
I wake up every morning thankful to be alive A brain unlike any other im different yet alive My thoughts questions why im alive
Point your finger at Me, For I am the only target to see. I was blind And I was naive. I didn't see How I affected you, Or how I affected Me.  But time has passed,
I am from straw hats, From humid to dirty roads, I am from Mommy’s and Daddy’s homeland, (Saigon, the city where everyone gathers.)
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