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Hey, bloodthirsty warmongers and haters, do you think you can silence me? You should take a lesson from the humble children all over the world. Let the innocent little ones teach you how to love one another sincerely.  
Someone gave the messenger a message for evil politicians. The messenger has a message for bloodthirsty warmongers. He also has a message for homosexuals and lesbians.
Your imagination tells you that your race is superior to others, But in reality you’re not better human beings than me All mortal men of dust should treat one another as equals
The perks of me, oh, beautiful me
A name is so pure, with no meaning behind it The people and stories are what truly define it No matter how long or confusing the spelling The name is not on which we should be dwelling  
Love Love them, Love them with no excuse, Love them with no exception, Love them with no prejudice nor hate.   ‘Love one another’ He said…
Why should I have to become a statistic?Something never dreamed became so realistic!In the game of life I drew the short stick
Speak My life was like a loaded gun Waiting for someone to use me Waiting to be pointed in any direction My reflection was silver bullet clean My look was mean mugging me
One-day you will realize what you do hurts others
Hey, guess what? Yeah, I have something to tell you, hypocrite. I'm a human being! Oh my goodness, did you seriously forget? Oh no, darling, this is no illusion nor a trick.   I am a human.
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