anything but gay

They said, "you can be

anything you want to be."

So I dreamed of becoming

an astronaut

or a superhero


Anything I wanted!

It meant everything

Wisps of clouds

footprints in the sand

Anything meant

I could do


I set my mind to.

A rockstar, an artist


What a liberating word

I was free

now and forever more

Until her deep blue eyes caught mine

Until her fingers trailed against shoulder

sending out sparks of something

we've never felt before

Until our cheeks were as bright as her hair

And my fingers filled the space in hers.

I could be anything,

do anything,

Except touch my lips to her forehead

Except hold her close

and love her

like no one else has

Except twine my fingers gently in her hair

as red as heaven's fire,

as warm as the affection we held

and swear, "I'll never leave you"

I could be anything I wanted

Except be with her

Anything, except to feel loved and wanted

for the very first time.

I could be anything

and everything

"Anything," they said

"Except gay."

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My family


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