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I talk with my hands And dont blame me if i get A little bit mouthy
Invisible tears, Blood stained wrists, The world is painted gray, Slowly fading day by day.   Withering emotions, Broken hearts, Eyes so sunken, Lifeless from pain.  
Higher and higher I climb, With death filtering through my mind.   I no longer have hope, Only a really strong rope.  I tie it around my neck,  And give it a quick little check.   
Pressure gets at everyone So much to get going Wheels turn fast in the mind More and more getting crammed in Spinning faster and faster Until you break And you fall Speaking out is scary
I stand. I look up and see such a beautiful view, a view of a future that a desperately long to pursue. It seems so close, if I just reach out my hand.  I try to float to this dream, but I remain where I stand. 
I feel so sick I'm floating in the air My feet is walking all over me My head wants to explode   My hands are in the air I'm drowning in despair My soul is moving fast
Honey please, put the razor down Please, don't tie that rope to the ceiling We need you here I need you here And somewhere, your future love is waiting for you
For the misfourtuane Of the fortunate Is that they live Within their shell of a life And the foutuane Of the misfourtunate Is that they live Like it will be The last day Of their life
If you should walk at night when The Moon wears her charcoal mask Hide under lamplight or you shall be Snatched away by the Crimson Flabbergast   A wraith forged of screaming shadows
The bloody rose silent for the next minute or two... wont take long i promise all of the sadness will dissappeare soon  just be brave and get it done. rip off the bandaid
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