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All I wanted was a little attention All I wanted was a little fame Under my Sisters’ wings’ all my life I had lived All I wanted was my own name.
I used to be afriad of the dark I used to be scared of the monsters that lived under my bed, In my closet Around the corner As I got older, the monsters followed
I lie in bed all day with my blinds pulled shut, motionless in the shadows of my own despair   everything feels pointless: the world the people in it my very own existence  
With your story you inspired me to open up my mind and fill it with ideas that have no limit With your pages you encourage me to dream of new worlds
I am real, I am me Though at times I may feel small, I am important Life is not a circle or a straight line, but bumpy I’ve learned to love everyone, despite differences
love should not make me feel like I'm grasping a ropeattached to somebody else thats slipping.blisters on my hands and painful irritation because they keep pushing aheaddragging me behind themi would never let go "because they love me". but that i
Their words felt like the noose around my neck Their actions felt like the gun against my head Their hatred felt like the blade against my skin
In a world so cold, stars manage to shine so bright On June ND I was that new light Time passes and now im one Who knew being so little would be this great Even when I mad everything still seems to be okay
Evolving… Transforming… I am a new person. Success and Failure. Happiness and Pain. They have shaped me like clay. I have become more outspoken. I have become more independent.
About a year ago, I had a few real friends I was in a fight with my best friend Unknowingly, in love with her ex-boyfriend And alone in a college dorm-room with no friends.  
Time sits still in pictures. Maybe if I took a picture of us at our highest you wouldn't of felt the urge to leave when we reached our lowest. Maybe you would've sat still. You were always like that.
Time sits still in pictures.Maybe if I took a picture of us at our highest you wouldn't of felt the urge to leave when we reached our lowest.Maybe you would've sat still.You were always like that.Doing things your way,Always undermining what other
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