American Dream

Tue, 05/28/2013 - 14:49 -- lexiejb


United States
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Trust is hard to come by nowadays,
and a person can't just be free
to live their lives in peace
without the pain of another's
wrongdoings interrupting
the daily chaos of their own
personal hell that is called life
but that is just how it is, someone
comes along just when we think
that we are safe from harm and
blows it all to hell and we have to
pick up the pieces of our lives
and try to rebuild them again
and again and again until
these intruders stop crashing
our American Dreams but see,
that's the funny thing about
the bad guys, when one is done
another pops up and it is an
unending barrage of pain and
death and we just have to
push on like everyone else
and hope like hell that it
won't happen to us because
that's life, it would never happen
and we can live our happy
little lifestyles because that
won't happen to us
but then it does, and we don't
know what to do with ourselves
because our worlds are torn apart
and it is all just so confusing
and broken and we have to move on
and make the best of what we
still have even if it's just a picture
from a time long ago that gets
fuzzier with every passing day and
that moment in time when the
false reality of perfection was
still in place and we didn't
have to be afraid of tomorrow
and that moment becomes treasured
and even if we can't remember
exactly we still have that
feeling of peace that captures
our hearts and makes it more
bearable even if everything we know
is gone and that keeps us going
and that's life, you know?
but we keep moving on
and have faith that we will have
that false reality again because
that is the real American Dream


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