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We’ve come so far, yet it’s easy to see We’re living this misleading dream First it was this white picket fence, to designate our space
The land of the free and the home of the brave.  We come here to start new lives because our old ones are close to the grave. In Pakistan, we lived with servants and riches.
  A never ending line of bills Needing to be paid at the end of the month Debt is in the trash bin. Poverty is as stifling as the Miami heat on a Summer's day. How can I make it? How can I go on?
Jose had a dream that he would be  an educated man Jose had a dream that he would live better than his parents  Jose had a dream that he would give back to his parents 
Los Angles, the city of dreams, Where anyone can go to be
Trust is hard to come by nowadays, and a person can't just be free to live their lives in peace without the pain of another's wrongdoings interrupting the daily chaos of their own
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