America isn't free

Wed, 03/30/2016 - 16:03 -- JCarron

It's not something that you can touch.

It's not somehting that you can see.


It's something that you can buy.

It's soemthing that you can be.


Other people have it.

Other people but not me.


They say this is America,

Somehow makes us all brave and free.


But freedom, I've been told,

is not free.


The problem you see,

I haven't any money.


Sure, I can try to pass the bar,

Then maybe I'll get a nice house and car.


But then there is Hank,

and Hank owns a bank.


Well, his bank owns my car,

and all the money I used to pass the bar.


Now imagine a hampster turning a wheel,

where is he going and what does he feel?


Now imagine the hampster is me,

trying desperately, to become who I want me to be.



is not free.


So, I'll work to get ahead.

Hell, I might work well after I'm dead.


But I'll be damned you see

If i dont get to be free.


No matter what you say,

I will be what I want to be.


They say "We The People"

I think that's you and me.


We're in this together,

to be who we want to be.


Just remember to work hard

because Freedom, will never be free.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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