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Uncertain futures, We were so close. We were near that amavi.   That latin phrase that breaks the phase, The one that doesn’t conquer.
I look into your eyes and cannot begin to explain the deep passion that burns in my heart for you. I devote my every waking moment to you, for I live to 
As I stare up, from the place where my feet are planted on the ground  I see a beautiful world circle around just outside of me  Beginnings and ends mend, and they all seem to happen at the same time  Never really getting to know before having to
Quondam ille erat nomen cum Ace ei qui non fuit- Vir circumscribere poesem sed homo qui fuit potens. Is me tam visitat. Quom is fecerat ille dixit, “Ace sum.”
I am the river and you are the channel; Your deep pathways laid into existence are ones I flow in, naively. I am the observer  and you are the painting; Your sunken earth eyes look at me
Note: This poem is in both Latin and English. My Latin was pretty new when I wrote it, so there's at least a few grammar errors and too many meter errors to count. Based off of Martial I.88.  
    The Trestle of my Interaction A manifestation of mind- Must afford no miscue- Perfection when Perfection
There are some students who strive for the best And aim the highest above all the rest They ace every test and do every homework, For becoming Valedictorian, I guess, is well worth it.
There was once a young, restless hero of Rome, Who wandered the lands, searching for a home. This he did until he dreamed, (“A great sign from the gods,” he deemed); That he would journey to find Delphi,
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