I'm reminiscing being back in Mexico sitting on a beach, I was Alone.

The most at peace I have ever been, Alone.

Coolin’, Not stressing myself over troubles that been handed to me or those self-inflicted, Alone.

Is this my destiny, a life spent in solitude aka Alone.

I guess the way to peace with that, is through acceptance, Alone.

Acceptance that my path only has room for one to walk, Alone.

A path that started, Alone.

A path that ends, Alone.

Whether I agree or disagree, it is fact and facts stand, Alone.

Standing tall against any lie, Alone.

So alone I stand, walk, run, slip, fall, and get back up, Alone.

At the end of this day, he is long gone, and once again I find myself looking back at myself, Alone.

This poem is about: 
My family


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