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Seemingly out of nowhere, I have experienced an incessant yearning for sweets. When I see mouth-watering sweets gracing my table, An intense temptation grow inside me, My desire goes on elevating;
Circle of sunshine Taste like lemonade tart but sweet   Sweet and sour  It like a green ballon apple flavoured    Red round plant it cherry, my favourite 
“There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles” Chocolate is The Answer, Who Cares What the Question is!
Day by day, night by night, The witch would spend alone with fright She couldn’t contain it nor control it But she couldn’t resist the thought:     “Cake…”   “… pie…”
Most people say that it is bad for you That it can cause bad teeth, obesity, and diabetes too.  
I want to roll the words from your mouth, around mine A candy drop  To smooth my tongue over Feel every swirl and indentation Liquid caramel, so sweet  Unwrap each syllable with my lips 
As you enter the gates of my mouth My tastebuds flourish in a whirlwind The taste of your love So tender For only you, My heart will mend My wilting buds have come to an end
You think you're so sweet Calling me sugary pet names Like Babe, or Honey. Covering up Condescending, Sugar-Coated words Feeding me sprinkle-topped bull shit. You substitute words
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