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Delicate sadness Clinging to your lips like honey that flavors every word with sugar They will try to kiss it away But it only flows faster    [R]
i loved a boy who hated everything sweet. i made him a cake but didn't add any sugar, yet he still said it was too sweet. i bought him candies but made sure only the sour,
Day by day, night by night, The witch would spend alone with fright She couldn’t contain it nor control it But she couldn’t resist the thought:     “Cake…”   “… pie…”
Once upon a time there was a girl named Shea;She was sweet and happy and had lots to say. One day she was prancing through the forest so gay;A troll rolled its eyes, “here she is again on this day”.
You, my sweet, brighten up the day, When with another you shine, bringing light to those who taste you But when alone you’re sickening, dangerous,
I want to roll the words from your mouth, around mine A candy drop  To smooth my tongue over Feel every swirl and indentation Liquid caramel, so sweet  Unwrap each syllable with my lips 
I had my first cigarette
I pull myself into you Deeper and deeper Claw myself through the massacre Worm my way into your heart Infect you, rot you, turn you rancid And come out on the other side clean as fresh fallen snow Leaving behind my sick little sweet and rotted tee
So good, yet so bad. So many fun times we've had. It's a bit of a love-hate, why have I become your bait? The satisfied feeling you provide my taste buds, so many corporate lies. The unsatisfied feeling you bring my thighs. Sugar.
Sugar’s eyes are like a vivid love story. Sugar’s heart is like a forever rhyme. Even though life was full of woe and worry, Those memories will survive even time.
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