About My Body

I’m short.


Are you SERIOUS?

I NEVER noticed!

Thank you for informing me.

I was hoping 5’ 3” would be tall enough

to reach the cupboard

Without standing on my toes

Or grabbing the stool.

I’m little?

Woah! This is so new!

Yeah I weigh 95 pounds.

I’m six percent body fat.

No, I’m not anorexic.

Thanks for pretending to care.

When I smile,

You see metal

Crisscrossing my teeth.



Aluminum factory?

I’ve heard it all.

Yes, I do hate being brace-faced!

But it means I’ll have a pageant-girl smile.

So it MUST be worth the shredded gums

And inability to eat every time

They put new wires in my face, right?

Oh, I’m BLIND?

I didn’t know!

I thought having terrible vision was normal!

And who told you it would be okay

To take my glasses off my face

And put them on yours?

You’re smearing the lenses!


I can’t find them without them in the mornings.

I kinda need them back…


I’d take them from you but I’m too short!

But just because I’m short

Doesn’t mean that I can’t dance,
And it definitely doesn’t mean

That I can’t kick you in the face

If you piss me off.

Just because I’m small

Doesn’t mean that I’m not strong.

And it definitely doesn’t mean

That I don’t have a heart

Big enough to pull you in

And suffocate your depression.

I may have metal

Grating against the back of my lips

But that doesn’t mean

That no one will ever kiss me.

And it definitely doesn’t mean

That I can’t sing

Or that I can’t recite memorized lines

Upon a stage in front of a crowd

Full of people.

Just because I can’t see without my glasses

Doesn’t mean that I can’t read

The anger and hurt written across your face.

And it definitely doesn’t mean

That I am blind to the ugliness

Painted all over the world we live in.

When I look in the mirror

I don’t see beauty.

I see my struggles and my scars,

My blank stares and my memories.

I don’t scare myself the way I used to.

I’m not ugly,

And I’m not beautiful.

I’m simply here,

I simply exist.

My body is what it is,

And you have no right to hate me for it,

No right to ask me to change it.

So shut up. 

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