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When I die, Please don’t cry over me. Because I will not be able to wipe away your tears. You know I’ve loved you, Always, Until the day I died. I can’t care for you anymore,
Your braces are like magnets that attract my love.They are the first thing I notice and the last thing I say goodbye to.Your braces are like you.You stabilize people.You keep them from becoming out of hand.Your braces exemptilfy balance,the balanc
I’m short. Really? Are you SERIOUS? I NEVER noticed! Thank you for informing me. I was hoping 5’ 3” would be tall enough to reach the cupboard Without standing on my toes
Metal Mouth, Metal Mouth. In highschool, if you have braces, you're called a Metal Mouth.   Having braces is bad enough, all the pain you have to endure. But having people point it out,
“More than aromatic peaches that are ripe for the picking,  I prize you, my green apple...”   As a person who fervently enjoys your tasty tartness,
Time goes by I'm glad that you're gone I hated everything about you Your color,the way you tasted, even the way you looked the pain you caused me by my peers will always be in my ears there remarks on my tone
Braces are painful. It cuts your gums and you bleed. But it is worth it.
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