2016 Heartbreak

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 13:28 -- KSong

I try to stay positive

but lately that just means gettin’ lit.

What's easier rolling one

or facing my problems?

I'll tell you right now,

happiness is halfway through the bottle.

As the bottle gets clear,

my life gets blurry

My problems disappear,

and I'm in no hurry.

I'm just passing time,

sipping wine that's too fine for a Monday.

But what can I say

when every day is the same;

so damn mundane.


I rack my brain

to throw out my memories of you.

It's all that I can do

To try and forget about you.


And what you used to do

to me

with me

in bed.

It's all in my head,

all my regrets,

kissing your neck,

feeling upset.

You got me in a wreck.


You got me.

You got me.

And then you lost me.

I was so confused.

I felt so damn used;

a feeling I wasn't used to.

So I

didn't know what to do.


Texting you all angry and shit,

feeling so helpless,

sending angry messages.

I can't handle this.


And what's so messed up with this

is that I think I still want you.

I still dream

about all the things

we used to do.

I got so used to you.

And now it's just me and no you.

And I guess it's just how it'll be.


I'm done wondering

and done hurting.

It's a sad thing.

It's a life thing.


I try to stay positive

and lately that means gettin’ lit.

What's easier than facing it

is rolling one.

I don't face my problems.

I face bottles.


I pop pills.

I'm faded.

I'm fading.

I'm losing

sight of it.

My future is so dark.

I lost my spark.

I left in the Park

on your lips

when we kissed.

Do you remember it?

I highly doubt it.


In fact, I know you don't.

It sucks when something can matter to me

and at the same time escape your memory.  

Like I am Casper,

a ghost to you.

You ghosted me.

My life is a disaster.


I try to stay positive

but lately that means gettin’ lit.

What's easier than facing it

is curling up,

is giving up.

I don't face my problems.

I go to bed instead.

This is the end.

Ignore what I said.  


Keep doing you

and I'll keep trying to do me,

Rewrite my tragedy.

Live my life no you all me.


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