12 Months


twelve months ago

I happy

school no worries

much to go

eleven months ago

my happiness

was tested

which it passed

ten months ago

joy wasn't a want

but necessity

to survive

nine months ago

hard work

with soft tears

how I start the new year

eight months ago

my turning point

in my life war

or era of peace

seven months ago

my victories

came few

but my hope strongest

six months ago

my defeat

affect me

as well as others

five months ago

I began

damage control

or uncontrolled

four months ago

I ended

my mess

greater than

three months ago

I can't smile shows weakness

and emptiness

two months ago

gone for the better

but fears

makes this pillow wetter

one month ago 

my happiness

was tested

which it failed


it is trying

to make a grand


but fear keeps

it locked in

a vault

far far away


unheard of

twelve months


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