Sat, 09/27/2014 - 19:48 -- Casekan

Especially in the day light,

Your brown eyes shine so bright,

They twinkle and sparkle,

Just like the night light,


Your hugs are inviting,

Your kiss is so sweet,

Your love is devoting,

To my every need,


I need you forever,

Don't ever leave,

I need you always,

Please stay with me,


You're my sole-mate,

My lover,

My friend,

I'll be your baby,

Even after the end,


You smile with me,

Not just your lips,

You smile with me,

With every kiss,


Our love is so precious,

So pure and so fun,

Our love is so valuable,

We will never be done


Even through thick and thin,

It will be grand,

All just because,

You'll hold my hand,


The bads and the goods,

The cons and the pros,

It will be fine,

As long as you know,

Nothing will tear us,

Not one single sole,


Our love is too amazing,

To just let go,

God made us sole-mates,


And friends,

Our journey will never ever end.


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