Turn this in by tomorrow you say. But, you take eons to give me mine back.

Can you believe, one time the students had to teach the class?!

No, no not a presentation day.

The teacher was just that inept.


100,000. Yes, that is the number.

The number that measures my debt.


21 minus the 1 is my age. I can’t even get a drink at the bar, but they will gladly repo my car,

If I don’t pay for a service oh so unkept.


TENURE! Because of that, my voice is unheard!

When did it become a get out of jail free card?


21 minus the 1 is my age. And so what? That should be enough.

You are saying, I can vote for the President, but my voice is crossed and nulled for a service that I now must walk to to reap.  


But then again you say. Turn it in.

Well why, Why should I? When all it will do is sit in your stack?

I am busy. You reply.

And, must I remind you,

… so am I?


100,000. Yes that, I recall, is the Augmenting number. And when I call out for your aid,

 you say. You can afford it, better yet let’s raise by 25 percent.

Subtract that by 5 and you have me.

20 and as in debt as can be.



100,000 … yup that is the number.


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