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Wed, 11/20/2013 - 14:01 -- tkamaka



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No one understand

I wake up everyday

Looking forward to seeing you

Seeing you smile when I arrive

Running straight to a hug

not even a high five

Seeing you in the stands

Every Friday night

Just makes my night bright

Hopeing we both could hang on tight

Just for one more night

Now that You made up your mind

To go away

I been hoping and praying

for you to stay

Emptiness and sorrow

Now a part of me

Since I have to accept

That we will never be

How can a love so strong

Be all wrong?

In spite of our love

I am painful aware

That you are gone

I still try to live on

The memories we share

Will always be in my heart

As I wish you well

With your brand new start

I will never except

Being apart

             Now I stand expressing about you

Oʻ have thy missed you


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