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Another spin around the bottom of lake Raking up dirt and dust baked Dancing in a dream and falling into grass blankets
4 hours 1 min ago
Why do you need a ladder when you’re holding the sun,
6 hours 32 min ago
The blue of the sky is not in a box of crayons.
7 hours 58 min ago
There are inside some men the nerve to hate. While some are born with nerve to tolerate.
8 hours 7 min ago
Far off sounds Those distant sounds
8 hours 24 min ago
Summer days sometimes get me down Get me thinkin’ back to when
8 hours 42 min ago
i have no mouth and i must scream my body is flaking away with each withering seam
9 hours 42 min ago
by AbraKateDabra   My mind is a prison a castle of sorts My private estate I live in alone
10 hours 43 min ago
Abbe lived just down a ways,
11 hours 33 min ago
Often, the worst punishment you can suffer  —is not getting caught  
12 hours 5 min ago