Just A Glimpse Of Me

I always let myself down Always stop myself from getting what I want or what I need Maybe it's a lack of self-confidence There is always doubt in the back of my mind about what I am capable of Don’t know where it comes from, it’s been by my side for a while now. It’s a constant uphill battle within myself, shutting the little voice inside. Wish there was a cure for it, something to smack reality into my face This is when I write I let out frustration, confusion, anger, just about any emotion there is. It’s what keeps me sane; from yelling at other people I’m really not violent, nor do I ever think I will become but I do take precautions ‘cause ‘never say never’, right? Put the pen to paper and release my feelings, flush it down and Tears no more. Ahh the smiles back on my face. Scattered thoughts are now clear. I can trust another person again, only to let them disappoint me again. New day so it’s okay. Plus it’s only human nature, gotta let it slide. Sometimes people can surprise you though and go out of their way to be good We’ll see, leave this sense of hope for each day. ‘Cause why think of the negatives, focus on the bad. I believe there’s a plan – a higher power. In God I trust. I’ve already promised myself to commit to this philosophy So far so good, but like I said we’ll see.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

never doubt yourself

never sell yourself short-your poem expresses that emotion clearly

i understood your feelings

i would like for you to write a poem that embodies the importance of self-confidence, self-worth

you see how amazing it is



When I wrote the poem I was really in that state of mind

but I'm ready to write one that emboies self-confidence

and actually do it justice, so one will be posted soon

MVP-Most Valuable Poet


i would like to read your new/upcoming poems when you write

you write beautifully

tell yourself everyday that you are a beautiful and you'll be amaze how an encouragement can change a whole outlook

let your poetry be your art of expressing your beauty, self-confidence

check out my poems-give me feedbacks

see if there is something you relate to


The "In God I trust" part was SO powerful. Keep it up :) I love it

Thanks for sharing the struggle with us. It takes courage to admit vulnerability, and there is STRENGTH in vulnerability. Good job X)


Thank you! I appreciate your kind words :)


I love this. Really. Awesome job...


Thank you for your lovely words! :)


A truly powerful piece of work


Thank you, really appreciate the feedback!




Thank you for your comments, it's an awesome feeling to know someone's listened. 


"I can trust another person again, only to let them disappoint me again."

omygosh. i know how you feel.

This is just amazing. I Love It!

Keep up the good work. wish i could express my feelings more like how you do.


Thank you so much for your feedback! Sometimes you just have to give yourself space to be really honest with yourself. A lot of times it's scary to just be yourself, even around you ... but amazing things happen when you do and it really helps you feel free. I'm sure you can do it too :)


It's beautiful


thank you! :)


Wow that is so good and so powerful. I feel the same a lot of the time so I want to thank you for weighing somthing that is kinda how I feel. I also put my faith and God and I’m hoping for a better fetcher becouse my past wasn’t to good. Keep up the good writing.

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