Fear for Humanity


United States
42° 20' 23.6544" N, 71° 5' 23.6004" W

Humanity, I have less and less faith in you
Genocide, waging wars, the human-made apocalypse
What have we done to ourselves? Will this ever end?
The irony of it all is too great- a soldier's passing as his baby's being born
Neighbors as friends turning into villains, turning on neighbors
The destruction of the holy in the name of some god
Will we ever change? Will there ever be true good?
The human condition
The will to live, to fight through all adversity
That is the only hope there is
But that little glimpse of hope may just be enough
Humanity, although I have less and less faith in you
Humanity, although you show your horns and fangs repeatedly
Humanity, I don't know what to do with you
As I too, am only human



I love this poem! The times that it rhymes are not forced like in some poems and it has depth. The ending was perfect, it wrapped up the poem really well.


Great writing and an awesome way to point out the world's problems. I especially loved the ending, because it was all too true. 


Its beautiful writing


I love that poem because you speak the truth what are we going to do?

Dandre Hernaquez

This poem has inspired me to write my own poem in response to the praise

"Humanity, I don't know what to do with you

As I too, am only human"

In either an optimistic and cynical light, or in a dream quest story rising from misanthropic impulses raised by the current state of this world.


Very beautiful.

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