Lady Soul.


She drove down the lonely road,

tears attempted to escape her eyes,

but she shut them tight for the three seconds that she had to catch her breath

and wait at the stop sign.

She continued down on this road, lonely and dark.

But the sun was out..... Why is she so sad?

Well, her soul was broken when she found out of the stain on his neck.

The body that was used for his pleasure.

She felt alone because she lad lost her love, to indeed lust.

This soul, this lovely lady soul was so alone.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is a sad, but prolific poem

there are people that relate to this particular piece

its very descriptive on the turn of events when it began from love that turned into betrayal

what i would like to see is expand your thoughts and add more ideas to really captivate your viewers

overall, the play of words you chose was great

great job


Miss Lane

This is brilliant, slightly heart-breaking, but in every way perfect. I love it and I connected with it.

Your words just hit right at home and it is just painfully beautiful. You did an amazing job.


Depression and powerful words are an amazing combination keep writing

Jan Wienen

Time ... Healing and wonder ...

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