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Because I love you,  I'll act as a wave; gentle yet violent.  I'll take the place of your shelter; use me for cover.  I'll be your sword; stay behind me.    Porque te amo, 
My mother. The curls of her hair a mystery we could never find the end of with various ringlets creating a spongy wall around her head.   My black mother
From the night in her skin to kink of her hair The sun in her smile to the stars in those eyes I know that Melanin is beautiful The beauty that glows through her blood like magic Her melanin drips like honey
The W(a)(e)ighting Game   Wait or weight  Which will I choose  Shall I choose to wait while my Prince Battles a Dragon’s fumes
I have a weapon of mass destruction A weapon that has many left shaken down to the last hair on their body I am the danger and I am the fear to those who are fearing, I oughta feel cocky  
Oh, say, can you see, blinded by the tear gas By the dawn's early light, shining through our body bags as we lay on the street, hitting our 3 hour mark What so proudly we hailed
My black is beautiful. I’m not what media perceives me to be as a black woman - I can’t be loud, I can’t yell. I can’t express myself in the most
Growing up like any other kid i had to have “the talk”. You know the talk when they explain that people will automatically assume that your ignorant, thunderous, and bombastic because your 10 shades darker than them. Or you know the talk when you
. . . so hush, little baby Baby, don't you cry. . .   Hey, Hey, now, Mr. Harvey! Lookin' all sharp and sweet, you do, sir! Yes, Sir! O o o h. . .
  I have wept the tears as I lost the ties to home, I have broke my back with the day’s toils and pain. I have looked on as my brothers in arms disappeared,
How you just gon let your tongue fall out of your mouth like that Don’t you know the floor is dirty
Sorry, Not Sorry                                                                          By: Josee S. Etienne  
I am consistehntly Black, proudly and unapoligetically.
I AM A WOMAN i have faced with many challenges and trials i have been through discrimination and bullying i have failed i have made mistakes I AM STRONG  i have overcome the odds
Hold on, stop! Let me get a moment to myself. Give me just a moment…. can I get a breather for myself? Okay... okay, I got you after I get this for myself pleaseeee.
Hypothetically, if I told you I loved you would we still be friends? If I promised to keep a promise but didn't would our friendship depend? I'm speaking hypothetical and never intend to hurt you.
It's like my thoughts grow outta my head; every curl contains every word I done said every song I done heard every book I done read And that hate and pain is like shea butter
I've got a problem with demonizing black women's features. Black women of all shades are queens.
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