How you just gon let your tongue fall out of your mouth like that

Don’t you know the floor is dirty

Or is the bottom of your mouth just dirtier and I swear to God

The next nigga who steps to me with coonery buffoonery on his breath, I’m fighting


You don’t know a betty shabazz when you see one

Don’t know a earthquake when you see one, you have me mistaken

Got me confused

Like tryna figure how the hell Jesus is white

Or how the hell yo black ass could be Irish


German… Baby, where the African at


Where the African at, you see you


Are the type

Of nigga who makes meals of honeys

And bunnies, broads and bitches and uhh…

You wanna make me one of the latter

Have you lost your damn mind

Can I help you find it

I can tell you right now it sho as hell ain’t under my skirt

No, you may not make sure

No, you may not check the rest of me for clues, I promise

There is nothing on this body that belongs to you, you see you


Are the type of nigga who sees himself in every news clip and would be football star turned headstone

You wake up in cold sweats, don’t wanna tell your mother about your issues with water

Issues with trees and muscle memory, you and your boys

Hang don’t you

You slang, don’t you, freedom don’t rang like this emptying clip and you got issues with bullets too

You are more afraid than you let on

You are

Too much bright to be all that fight, too much fight

And fight and fire, too much fight

And not enough righteous, brother

Tell me again how you don’t fuck with black girls

I dare you

Tell me again how you don’t fuck with black girls, but for me, you will make an exception

I dare you, you see you


Are not even aware of the war being waged around you

The reason bitches ain’t shit

And niggas ain’t shit

And light skins are winnin

And mixed baby worship is a thing, the reason you don’t know where you come from

So you fill the holes in your puzzle with anglo saxon pieces that don’t fit, the reason you are still ⅗ up here

Still ⅗ up here, You




Stop being everything they use against you

Read some books

Love yourself, find a woman who loves herself, make

Some brown babies

Or black babies, or tan babies, or no babies

Press your right cheek to life

And live

And live, and live, and live, Run

Cuz there are people who would like to see you stagnate


Cuz black boys and black nights don’t mix like they should, Run

And make it home

And live, and live, and know

That I love you unconditionally

Maybe it’s not physically like you’d like, but brother it’s spiritually and I love you



How can you not love a soldier on your side

No matter how bad their aim is, so

To the boy who, after arguing with me for a good thirty minutes about how he only dates white girls cuz black girls are ugly, asked me

“So, what’s good?”

Shut up

Listen a little more

Watch a little more

Take a cooking class

One that teaches you how to take care of your body so you can take care of your mind so you can defend yourself

Stop making meals of honeys and bunnies, broads and bitches

Stop calling us bitches


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