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Identified through numbersand only a whisper of a namethat I cannot confirm,I don't know who I am.Ten years were stolen
Dear villainPeace be unto your restless soulFilled with terror and insanityWhich does't care to knowWhat it sows to shake-up realityWhy lurk do you behind the veilFrom which you throw
Heroes can only be stars If they have a night sky To shine against  But I never asked To be the darkness  
If I was the villain of the story,  With the power to remake the world in my image, Then I would destroy the education system, In favor of something free. I would abolish the dollar,
You play the part because you're in a knight's tale but the tale of the night he OD'd on prescription drugs sidesteps the uphill staircase to the fact that we need the pill in the first place
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