Sun, 08/04/2013 - 01:19 -- LANE♥

You play the part because you're in a knight's tale

but the tale of the night

he OD'd on prescription drugs


the uphill staircase

to the fact that we need the pill in the first place

We can't embrace

the flaws we face



the complex mess of carelessness


like a dress designed to fit just one woman,

the empress

who doesn't exist

because she can't, she's subhuman, missing pieces


where we consist

of riddles and ridicule and this


Whether we be the casanova, grim brothers, or lords of dogtown

we sign a ledger

to participate in this world together

whatever the weather or climate change

Greenhouse gases blowing up

while we teach classes on growing up

to engage our evolution towards creating a solution

the youth shouts revolution

And we stand up

and ascend the broken stairs

only to feel


In our distress we down a dose

not knowing, like will, we are so close

to changing our stars

But the joker coaxes us to see only the dark

Why so serious?

echoes like the bark

of a mighty dog

or a tree in the park

in the middle of the night

out of sight where innocence dies

in a fight between

two hands

and ten things I hate about you

like a taming of a shrew who knew

no one would love her

in her ragged clothes not taylor-made

for a conversation

no one in this nation is ready for

because they ignore the holes

in their armour

when they joust to the death

And as they take their last breath they proclaim

the road to fame is to play the part

but in the end you, too

will lose your heart

because if you're good at something never do it for free

then you will die a hero

or live long enough to see

a villain in your own eyes

hidden by a great disguise

like Gatsby

living lavishly

but with no concern

for the environment

after all some men just love

to watch the world





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