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Dear clumsiness, I hated you for years. I dreaded your arrival, That would often leave me in tears.   Dear clumsiness,
Green eyes envy more than blue Fields of emeralds feel softer than ocean waves, but not to you Absent anarchy fills absent minds Your tsunami still fills mine Uprooted by shrieks and horrors,
Just like lightening you struck me without warning, We were two missing puzzles who became whole You build your own shrine in my heart and saw it burning, We were like milk and cereal in a bowl
last night I threw words I knewwould burrow themselves insideyour chestand set fire to your ribcagejust to watch you burnand I’m sorry;I don’t mean to be so cruelwhen I holdso much good.
Every minute in your presence is like a trip to heaven But I feel lonely even when you’re around I feel delighted to be with you, captive of the love you give I’ve searched for a the friend in you that refuses to be found
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