Dear Clumsiness

Wed, 02/07/2018 - 19:14 -- Swood18

Dear clumsiness,

I hated you for years.

I dreaded your arrival,

That would often leave me in tears.


Dear clumsiness,

I wanted the “it crowd”.

I desired to be popular,

But your job made you too proud.


Dear clumsiness,

I detested my own feet.

I blamed my blonde hair,

For the embarrassment I would meet.


Then life was altered,

I made a friend.

She was ungainly,

Equal to me to every end.


Dear clumsiness,

We laugh at each other.

We look out for one another,

Like a brother.


Dear clumsiness,

I enjoy your company.

You now make me feel less,



I think I need another friend.


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