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Music could be loud like fireworks Music could be silent like a purring cat Music could be all the way from thunder To a heart that beats fast. It could make you feel happy and excited
Can you hear me? Can you hear my cries for help? Can you listen and tell me what you hear? Can you please help me? I’m crying for help, but no one is listening- They believe that since I’m smiling-  
Dear BTS,
Dear self, I cannot look at him. I cannot think of him. I hate how he makes me feel, but I also love it.  
A Little Side note from the Author:I have no idea what this is. It doesn't rhyme or anything like that. I've also never written poems or anything before.So yeah. 
Like coiled springs waiting to bounce Upon the untold joke Laughter fills the air Joy gained from “infires” and “7 bottles of jams”
I see them. They start to emerge from the darkness. Slowly, enticing, flawless. The excitement builds inside me. And then... In unison they begin to move, their bodies in sync.
Frick! That girl is a depressed mess, Still bent on believing she's too blessed to be stressed, But every day she feels like she's got "Try Me" written on her chest like, Damn! Wait a minute.
The thing that I can't go a day without isn't something that I can hold or be with physically The thing that I have been with for almost three years and will never stop being with
Happiness... Was one thing I never felt, And never could find, Until I fell for a dancer. Each step he took; flawless Every movement; perfect.
Flashing lights Colorful hair Varying heights
I sit in my classrooms alone and quiet, I have a lot to say but I just to hide it. Some say I'm shy, quiet, and nice, Others say I'm weird, loud, and I need advice. I say, they all need to think twice.  
there was once a time when i first discovered kpop and i felt strangely annoyed
Often, my sister asks me a common question: Why do I listen to KPop if I can't understand them? I always tell her it's because I like how their music sounds.
Wait for me. I'll be there; Head held strong and arms opened wide, Ready to take the world on. My voice to reach many people, My dance moves to get people jumping, My acting to induce laughter,
I am stubborn and unique I wonder how South Korea is like I hear music I want to eat ice cream I am funny and random I pretend that I am at a concert I feel the vibration of people's cheering
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