That girl is a depressed mess,

Still bent on believing she's too blessed to be stressed,

But every day she feels like she's got "Try Me" written on her chest like,


Wait a minute.

Black girls aren't supposed to panic, so what is this all about?

Everyone knows that it is her job to be sassy and loud and to be able to do the Whip,

And while you might want to call her a hacker with all the code switching she does,

The stereotypes are something that you need to skip.

Because sadly depression and anxiety don't passover black skin,

Regardless of whatever lie the media has you living in,

She feels sad in the mornings and watches anime on the weekends,

And she can't stop listening to kpop and trying to be friends,

With everyone she meets regardless of nation race or creed,

And she is not confined to a ghetto, regardless of what you believe.


That girl is something else.

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I love this. I like how it rhymes but the depth is still brought out. really well said. could also be a rap. 


Wow. I couldn’t have said this better. You my girl is a whole representative. You nice and keep going.

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