be positive

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What’s wrong with the world today Is to many people complain and say  
I hate myself Don’t try to convince me that There is something special Because if I look closer I see my faults Even though  I feel different It’s in my mind I can’t say  I see that I’m special Because There is nothing good about me It’s not true
Sipping the flow of time Inconsistency throughout the trail The rigid ground propels you in a direction One step decides the temporary outcome
I smile at myself in the mirror and it all seems a little bit clearer My reflection has grown to an uncharted zone and it all seems a little bit queerer   But queer is the funniest word
I am a Seed Wanting Longing to be watered, so I can spread my roots into the ground Wanting To be able to dig deep down and build a path towards my own success I am a Seedling Visualizng
Changes are going on And it is a little hard to deal When things aren't what they were. You don't know how to feel. College is right around the corner And you're the first one to attend
What a wonderful thing it is to know light from dust. To know plastic from purgatory.
Life is as AMAZING as an OCEAN wave, How the waves glisten over the horizon of the sun,
Don't forget, Everything is Awesome Every Mistake, Every misfortune-- a chance for you to blossom into who you're meant to be. So delicate, yet so strong, are us human beings
Some wanted to be old While others wanted to be young But he just wanted to be bold   She insulted him, with her sharp tongue He was shy and wanted to cry
Awesome. Awe-some. Inspiring of awe.  
Life is awesome, Surrounded by those who love, encourage me each and everyday. Things outside my front door is the world’s palette for inspiration. I get inspired by life.
Wake up, roll out of bed, dress to impress.
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