Everything is Awesome

Changes are going on

And it is a little hard to deal

When things aren't what they were.

You don't know how to feel.

College is right around the corner

And you're the first one to attend

From your family. It's a lot of

Weight on your shoulder, my friend.

You have no idea what you're doing.

How do you expect to pay for school?

You feel less and less hopeful about the

Future, something you thought you'd rule.

Nothing is going to be okay, you think.

You plummit into sadness and cry.

You worry and find nothing to smile about,

and all you do is ask God "Why?"

However, friend, it's not so bad.

Don't let yourself get so blue.

Life is too short to be so anxious,

So being positve must do.

Look around your environment,

And listen to the birds sing.

Isn't it awesome that right now,

You're healthy, standing, and living.

Think about your family.

They welcomed you to this Earth.

Isn't it awesome to have their support

Forever, all the way since your birth.

Go visit your friends, they're the

Brothers and sisters you've never had.

Isn't it awesome that when you're upset

They pick you up and make you feel glad.

Although a lot is going to change,

Remember the treasures you still have. 

Do not cry about the new experience coming,

Instead tackle it with a smile and laugh.

Think about the great things about college.

The people you'll meet and memories you'll share,

Isn't it awesome how the knowledge you'll gain

Will surely help you to prevail.

Last but not least think about yourself.

You should be your own number one fan.

Let yourself be awesome by recognizing your worth,

And be the greatest woman or man.

Life will throw crazy things at you,

Things that'll make you feel scared, sad, and lonesome.

Keep a positive mind about everything, and

You'll see everything really is awesome. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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