seasonal affective disorder

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Oh how greatly I hate the winter days So long, and cold, and void of all ardor It makes me feel so numb, so very dazed My feelings in disarray and disorder 
Light Living in my skin When daylight reaches past 8 And arises before 7 An axe splits open my shell A familiar coffin of cobwebs
Autumn Is the season of fireworks in the trees The tea time that never trully ends Carpets of color layering the sidewalks And plastic pumpkins by the door Scarves and fleeces and boots
Dear SAD,   Unwelcome friend, we meet again, “Longtime no see”………….but not nearly long enough, believe me. In fact, I really wouldn’t mind if you didn’t come around anymore.
I am the girl who never seemed to be alone in the halls I am the stranger with the goofy smile that you remember in your freshman class
Hello my darling, 
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