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Take me away from here Let my departure be ungrand Let me go unnoticed
Oh, Fanfiction You are my addiction In film productions Where people are scared that the ships will be in destruction I never really understood grievance
The ships have all sailed. the tide has gone out. left here alone; "come back safe!" you shout. but dark shores are decieving. and ships tend to sink. the money wasn't worth it.
There are things in the shadows That dare come out into the day And grasp at my hands to tow Me far away.   Alone I am nothing, Gone in the tides,  But with you I am something
A long voyage to undertake embarks Sailing ships through waters tumble and rough Veiled mystique takes hold of shipmen’s hearts Arrows try to end the war before it starts
My name is Wesley Zedock.
A wax kiss, is one to miss, forever gone, to history's abyss,   Buried deep, with what we keep, when sailors pray, the seas at bay,   Anchor in,
When you see a word, scrawled on a line. Does it ground your thoughts, Like on anchor Deep in the sea? Does your mind roil, Like a storm that grew up, All alone, Abandoned by its parents?
When people told me being black was a form of inferiority I wanted to hate white people, I wanted to tear apart my own brown bones, Spreading through the clatter of mismatched words, And unclaimed, dusted culture,
“Huge Asteroid Missed Earth, Another in 2029 May Not!”
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