a voice

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Lurking in the shadows always listening to others. Having no voice nor opinion growing up.
She is perfect, simply beautiful; voices echo throughout the room. Take her home; she’s a gift, give her love she will bloom.
To be heard, or is that vulnerability? To be strong, or is that defiance? Conform, or stand alone? I dream to have the courage to be heard To shout that the pigment in their skin is not a
What do you see yourself in five years? That’s the question I fear, I begin to think and think About so many things About college, about life
Silence by: Natavious Lewis Constantly spiraling in a whirlpool of words My breath encapsulated by the art of combining pencil and paper
Day by day it is constantly used Without it, I can’t communicate Why do you think I love to debate? It can leave you, me, and anyone else amused It’s a special gift that I guarantee will never be abused
A voice is not a voice Without reason to speak A voice with reason Is meant to be heard Without it, it's a murmur Something everyone does I have a voice inside my soul
SILENCE  No one make a sound as I closed my mind and invasion a new place of peace 
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