Silence by: Natavious Lewis

Constantly spiraling in a whirlpool of words

My breath encapsulated by the art of combining pencil and paper

I feel the volcano erupting from my body onto a web of creativity

I’ve been saved

The angels descended down onto the world of the mundane to gift me with the ability to rid my sins

To repent the unrepentable and to expose the cruelty embedded into the world


The police aimed, shot, fired at the little boy who refused to re-enact the submissive actions of his ancestors


An ignorant white man attracting the attention of the public with his Jim Crow ideals


A country on the verge of two extremist policies


My grandmother is illegal, so she stays silent to smuggle her home in her mouth


Because if i was to speak, if i was to speak

There would be no silence

I now yell, scream, and amplify my desires to be recognized

My words speaks volumes, leaving a stamp of my voice in the air

A power my parents and their parents were deprived of

Because they escaped from a factious government who hindered their rights

And entered one who wouldn't give them any

Wouldn't give them anything at all

But take

Their accent, culture, and happiness

And left me with America's left overs

So of course I’m mad, I have no identity

There's nothing else to do but  write it down

No one pays attention to me unless it's silent




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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