what makes me happy

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 The leaves orange and yellow, carry me up through the woodland, to the mountains big and tall. Take me to the canyons, down to the plains, up to a valley, away from everything.
I’m emotional.  I cry a lot. But these teary eyes  brown pools of mud, drip only for a while before they flood into a heart broken pile.   Books, trees, paper.
Many times in school I have felt alone, However, spoken word catches me in it's net. It heals my the the wounds from words that may cause a broken bone.
Roses are red And violets are blue This is not the original poem So bring everyone to see too.   A smile on a face A joyful laughter An upside down frown A blooming flower,  
Sad, Happy, or mad lucky, sappy, or glad music is a must to have.   its a battle cry to help you through. its a friends shoulder when you are blue. its a partner, always by my side.  
Sunshine on a cloudy day Memories made with friends Interacting with my playful pup Laughs that push the gray away  Enriched by a smile that will never end. 
Frogs, food, and video games, That's what makes me happy, Family, friends, and life, That's what makes me happy, These few things, Is what is keeping me alive, Without these people,
Brown eyes slightly tinted behind the glass, smooth skin, proud smile, soft lips like me
Many peopleDo not care forWhat the stars have to sayOr what sign anyone is,   But if the stars are to be believed,And my star sign to ring true,Then I am a person of particulars  
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