If The Stars Are To Be Believed


Many people
Do not care for
What the stars have to say
Or what sign anyone is,


But if the stars are to be believed,
And my star sign to ring true,
Then I am a person of particulars


I knit pick
I criticize
I scrutinize
The details
Are as important
As the bigger picture
In my eyes


If the stars are to be believed,
That is


And although it can be frustrating,
It’s also these little things that make me


It’s being able to drive alone
And shout the lyrics at the top of my lungs
And stumble through the words of the song playing
Without the worry of the other passengers
Telling me to be quiet,


It’s being able to find all these amazing stories
Just a mouse click and a screen touch away
And for those 20,000 words
Reality isn’t pressing in on me
And I get to smile
And laugh
And cry
And swoon
With characters that I know
Will come rescue me,


It’s being able to put on these headphones,
Which have lasted longer than most,
With the crack down the middle of the right earbud
And the fraying jack at the end that means they won’t be with me much longer,
And I can disappear into the
Music that supports me from the background whatever it is I’m doing
Shows that transport me just as well as the stories I read
So I’m no longer alone in this world or any other,


It’s being able to sit here,
With these blasted contraptions
That have taken over our lives
And waste our time,
And create beautiful pictures
And write grand stories and poems
And finish some grade A coursework
And waste time,


So maybe I knit pick
So maybe I criticize
So maybe I scrutinize
The little details because
They are just as important
As the bigger picture
In my eyes


Because if the stars are to be believed,
 And I do have faith in what they say about me,
It’s these small things
That make me



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