Technology Parkway

Feet bounding...

Feet running...

Feet jogging...

Feet dying!


I see the familiar road,

Mentally preparing myself for the minutes to come.

The familiar scent of jasmine flowers and dirty shoes,

Mixed with a bright blanket bubbling with pollen.

Taking a whiff of my inhaler,

I stream through the first right turn,

Breathing in the fresh air

As if I have never breathed so gallantly before.

Though soon, things take a sharp downhill--

And by that, I mean I had to run an uphill


The aching in my legs, and my

Heat exhausted body

Made for a perfect combination on this day.


The further I go, I realize

The further I am.

One continuous loop of existential crisis

played before me.


As I round the corner to junction on Peachtree

I smile mischievously to myself

As the cars in bumper to bumper traffic

Enviously regard me as I pass them


Miles and not so many smiles later,

It's a revolt and constant battle...

To go or to not to go?


Why am I doing this?

No seriously.



It’s too far away;

Should I keep going?

Or should I stop?

I think I am lost.

Ok, now I really am lost.



I find my way back,

Profusely thanking my Garmin.

Slowly trudging and barely able to stand straight.

My whole “I’m an unstoppable runner”
Facade slowly morphing into the

“I’m an oxygen deprived imbecile”.

Finding solace in my water bottle--

Water tasting like the holy drink from His personal reserves


I then proceed to collapse

Into a heap of my own sweat.

(I do not recommend this)


Picking up the broken pieces,

I take another puff of my inhaler

With my head held high.


The sun sets;

I’m off.

I can’t live with it--

Can’t live without it.


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