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It is midnight. Peeking though the curtains, giving consent. Hearing no answer? It is finally time. Leaving this world of shrouded reality And into the land of mirrors,
Drip Drip Drip Tears fall from my face
Curtains I hide from myself From the fears The doubts The insecurity I show a different me A me that is confident Joyful Loving
Who am I to hide behind a dark red curtan time after time? Who am I to act as if I really don't have anger fits? Who am I to just portray a happy person day by day? Who am I to smile bright
Me. I am a simple person. I strive to be the best. Perfection. I am dedicated. Strong. Proud. I am smart. Beautiful. Joyous.   Me. I am an intricate person. I long for rest. Tranquility.
You smile at me like you know me. You have tried to understand me.
FAILURE I am bold, I am strong I’ve been holding it back for too long I am funny yet wise The people that change for others are the people I despise
Black satin covers drapping over me I push away, but the Layers upon layers only suffocate me more   Deep trenches of black Blind opportunities to  Seek further in finding my footsteps   
Curtains are pulled for protection To hide what we don’t want to be seen To shade us from investigation To protect us from reality   But is it any safer to be in the dark? To stay in just one place?
"I want to break free!" The queen cried. 
I must be a ghost. Oh, how they walk through me. It's like I'm invisible, And no one hears my screams. It's a lifetime story, But I hate those shows. There's things in the world,
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