Light From Within


Curtains are pulled for protection

To hide what we don’t want to be seen

To shade us from investigation

To protect us from reality


But is it any safer to be in the dark?

To stay in just one place?

Is it too much to give up exploring?

You’d have to argue the case


But even though we will be seen

When we decide to open the curtains

Though we may be judged, stereotyped, revealed

Only then do we allow the light in


A light that illuminates life,

Love and acceptance,

A light that can never be dimmed

By another one present


For this light is yours

If you choose to reveal it

Just as the curtains are yours

If you choose to seal it


Light can melt

And light can burn

But darkness can hide

And darkness can hurt


So pull back the curtains

And let the light in

Show them your soul

Be comfortable in your skin


Don’t take excuses

Denials, or disapproval,

For this life is your own

And I dare you to prove it


So rip down the curtains

And let the light in

Because even on a cloudy day

Your light always comes from within


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