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You can't beat ignorance with a fist...something I was told  But society begs to differ as if our once warm blood is now cold I try to stay positive but negativity resurfaces every chance it gets
Mirror, mirror in my hand, Why can't you understand That you show me everything but what I want to see And who I want to be   Mirror, mirror on the table How will I ever be able
It's 12:07AM here. I'm thinking about howSome people can listen to laughs in a sea of sadness yet not feel happy for them or marry a heart of blackness after they've already found a rare golden gem. I'm thinking about how A stitch in time saves ni
Is it not odd that in relationsips the demand of that frighful phrase is sought out too quickly and not fast enough?   This single dirty, beautiful phrase infests my sinking heart
Who? Who am I? Who are you to ask? And yet, who am I to answer? Who am I?
Am I meant to be forgotten?Left by those closest to me?
Plato believed that we’d never understand anything around us                 because everything around us is the palest of illusions                 veiling their true definitions.   In which case, I’m screwed
Who is the girl b
Who is the girl behind the camera you might inquire I am not even so sure myself as to who I am  I might be someone else,  or something else,
Who do I want to be?  A very complicated question. First, I suppose,I want to be a girl that's not lost in her own sea One that isn't conflicted with self repression I want to be one filled with laughter 
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