broken heartbroken hurt sad

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Dear Ex Boyfriend,
That's all life really is - is saying good bye. To your mom's womb, to saying good bye to preschool, elementary, high school. To saying good bye to being a child, a teenager, a single life.
Few years ago I would smile and say hey Because life's too short to feel hate Now, i have been hurt too many times Being nice to the traitor is no longer my fortay
Your heart is broken it has stopped its beating the steady bum-bum-bum has lost its meaning your world has stopped but everything keeps moving the storm inside you is no longer brewing
She spent all night talking and crying about how it felt to be in love with someone who simply stopped trying.   I never knew someone so beautiful could feel so ugly like a flower
When your heart no longer skips a beat when joys absent from the step of your feet when thoughts of me stop running through your head when you turn over and are alone in bed remember me
Broken and shattered Torn and tattered Lost and beaten Hurt and weakened Why must I go through all this pain? From the sunny side to the dark dark rain All to find what ive been waiting for..
I found his jacket, And it made tears, Come to my eyes, It reminds me, Of the way he held me, An how he would wrap it around me, When I was cold, THe way he wiped my tears away,
This is all a dream, A long, Terrible, Painful dream, It's a nightmare, I wish it would end, I can't help him, I don't know what to do, Someone please, Wake me up, Please,
I do not bind you in chains I do not hold you down But if you tend to wonder You will not find me around My love should be enough to hold you For my arms to wrap around
Cast you eyes upon me Forsake me never more Beneath the shadows core Feed in to my bliss Unfold what lies ahead Darkness never hides me The blindness you can see Lead me out of darkness
Nothing to feel Time cannot heal The scars you’ve left behind Bruised and broken Words unspoken I call out to you Hoping, praying Slowly caving in To my own desires
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