Saying Good bye

That's all life really is - is saying good bye.

To your mom's womb, to saying good bye to preschool, elementary, high school.

To saying good bye to being a child, a teenager, a single life.

Then it's good bye to your own children, good bye to your significant other when they pass

Good bye to your parents.

Good bye to your friends.

And finally good bye to your furry loved ones, your dog, your cat, your guinea pig.

You didn't fit together, the puzzle pieces are incorrect.

And through all the tears and frustration, the anger and joy. You realize what's for

the best. Is to voluntarily say good bye. Because you need to, she needs you to.

Because you aren't enough for her, not responsible, not mature, not adult, not loving


You want to hold onto her but you can't, you have to end it now.

You have to surrender her to a better home.

Because it is what she deserves, because what you want - it doesn't matter.

Suddenly, you find yourself in the same place you were a year ago.

Feeling alone. Feeling lost. Those furry paws and big brown eyes aren't there for

you anymore.

Your heart feels cold, swallowing becomes a daunting task.

And you wish, you had never met her to begin with.


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